Benefits of Quality Literature | 133

On today’s episode, Leslie is by joined Chris and Andrea Elston of Shine a Light Press. We’re going to be talking really practically about enhancing or filling in the holes in curriculum by strategically utilizing literature. 

Andrea was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She has a B.A. in Elementary Education and has taught 20+ years in Christian schools. Andrea and her husband, Chris, run Shine-A-Light Press, a publishing company supporting churches, schools, and families. 

Today’s podcast is brought to you by Summit Ministries. Young Christians have a lot of questions: BIG questions about life, love, the Bible, God, and so much more. At Summit Ministries, we give high school and college students a place to explore these big ideas with today’s leading Christian thinkers. If you want your kids to become more confident in their faith, send them to a Student Conference with Summit this summer. The time is now! Give your child an unshakeable faith that can withstand the challenges of today’s world. 


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