Awesome Weekend at the Convention

When my husband suggested we homeschool … I was hesitant. Could I do it? Would I mess up her education? Did I want to do it as we tend to butt heads? We prayed and prayed and prayed about it. Our daughter is in a great Christian Private school but we still had this nudge on our hearts that she needed to spends her days learning at home with mama and little brother instead of at school. The more we prayed the more difficult she became to handle. We butted heads constantly and I didn’t feel we could over come that enough for her to learn from me what she needs to know for school. However, little brother was very content with his pre-k activities we were working on at home and we knew homeschooling him was a good fit. So we did not register her for 3rd grade next year instead insisting we were going to homeschool both of them to force us to spend time together to fix our mother daughter relationship (among numerals other reasons). A dear friend at church encouraged us to come to TTD Mobile. After researching and finding a coupon code for the registration I signed up. I kept my daughter out of school so she could join me at the TTD Mobile convention to see what homeschooling was all about. Now I’m happy to say after an awesome weekend at the convention, that not only are my husband and I excite but the kids are so excited about homeschooling in the fall! Our daughter has had a hand in picking some of her curriculum and units of study and I was able to gain some parenting knowledge. My wonderful husband obeyed the Lord’s calling and set this all in motion and I can’t wait for our family to grow closer to the Lord and closer together in this new journey! Thank you…

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