Advice for a New Homeschool Parent! (From those who have been doing it for a while!)

The decision to homeschool your children is not a decision that is made lightly, and after the initial excitement, panic can set in quickly! Some veteran homeschool parents have some excellent words of wisdom to share with you, and provide you with encouragement:

If you are a New Homeschool Parent……

*  You know your children best. How they learn. What they need more work on. Don’t be afraid to take a day off once in a while and catch up on sleep, or cleaning or cooking or whatever. They learn everywhere! Most importantly; enjoy every day with them. Also, try not to criticize them but encourage and lift them up. Kristen C.

Don’t sweat the small stuff! Laura B.

Keep it fun. Don’t feel pressured to model after the schools. Know that discipline issues will arise while teaching the three r’s. This doesn’t mean you can’t do it or that it’s not working, but that you are teaching little sinners and recognize it as that. Time out or other disciplinary measures are ok to do in the middle of math. Most of all, enjoy the blessing of this time with your kids! Melody D.

Take it slow, and enjoy the ride. Heather T.

Some days you will be finished in a couple of hours, some days not till after dinner, and some days you may just need to watch videos, read, go to the park, or have a life skills day (running errands/cleaning house). You have 52 weeks to complete 36 weeks of curriculum. Your homeschool should not look like anyone else’s. Eva R.

Homeschooling is not a sprint, but a marathon. Pace yourself so you or your child doesn’t burn out. Cater to your childs strengths and likes; they’ll flourish. Seek ways to help them grow and grasp content they struggle with. Remember you have flexibility with the schedule, school year and when the graduate. If they need an extra year or semester that’s fine. If they graduate early, that’s fine, too. God bless you and your homeschool journey. Kathy B.

RELAX! RELAX! RELAX!  Don’t try to copy public school. Homeschool should be taiored to your family’s needs and special situation. Again I repeat: RELAX!!!!! Melissa V

Your homeschool does not have to look like anyone else’s homeschool…and definitely doesn’t have to look like a traditional classroom. Allison M.

* HAVE FUN!!! Don’t let the pressure of “getting it done” take away the wonderful one-on-one relationship you are building with your kids! The learning will come! School is but for twelve years, but the relationship you are building with your kids will last a lifetime! Nancy F.

Pray, pray, pray! Amy H.

We echo the last piece of advice – pray. Pray over your curriculum, pray over your discipline, pray over your schedule and your activities. The Lord has called you to homeschool, and He will lead you!!