Families On Mission- TOGETHER!! TTD365 2020 Vision Update

As we approach 2020, we’re discussing the vision for the 365 community and our theme of Families on Mission. Throughout this year in TTD365, we’ll discover a mission we can all get behind and explore a lot of methods that work to enable you to accomplish that mission even better! I can hardly wait to see what God has in store for all of us together as we become better equipped to teach our children diligently and more encouraged each and every day of our journey.

Additional Resources:

This is indicative of what each week’s content for TTD365 looks like. In addition to updated content weekly, you will also have access to a vibrant community of homeschool families with your membership. Fulfilling God’s call to Teach Them Diligently is not easy!! But it definitely makes it better when we lock arms and do it together. I’d love to have you join us there!
  • Check out the kick-off videos from the last 2 years where we discussed Live Boldly and Rethink Everything. Both of those kicked off year long video series where we discussed every element of life as a Christian homeschool family. All of those videos are still available for your reference, so feel free to search them out anytime!
  • If you are looking for a resource to help you and your family stay on mission this year, check out the Families On Mission family devotional guide. (Which can also be used for personal study.) I pray this free resource will be a blessing and help to your family all year long.
  • God wants to us you!! He has a plan for your family, right where you are! How amazing is that?!?  Read an article about that here.
  • My son wrote an article about being a full time Christian that you may want to share with your teens as you all embark on your journey to becoming a family on mission. Click here to read that now.  (Camden will be playing the role of “Chief” this year at Mission:Incredible children’s program, teaching your kiddos about loving God and knowing Him better.)
  • Make sure you check out all the forums and groups within the new Teach Them Diligently 365 platform!

Recommended Audio For Members Only:

Homeschooling From An Eternal Perspective by Norm Wakefield

What makes Christian home education distinct from other educational philosophies is the perspective from which we teach and live–a heavenly perspective. You’ll learn how to bring the presence, perspective, and power of God near to your children.

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