3 Reasons Samaritan Ministries Could Be Right for Your Family

Samaritan Ministries is a community of Christians who stand strong together when a medical need arises.

Just ask Courtney whose son, Shepherd, was born with Double Inlet Left Ventricle. She was 17 weeks into her pregnancy when she and husband Gregg learned of Shepherd’s heart condition, and throughout it all – pregnancy, birth, and surgeries – they found comfort in the prayers and encouragement of fellow Samaritan members, and in the financial support that helped them pay their medical bills.

Through God’s faithfulness and provision, Shepherd is surpassing all expectations.

3 reasons to consider Samaritan Ministries:

  1. No networks. Choose the doctors, treatments, and hospitals you trust.
  2. Unique sharing approach. When you have a medical need, fellow members send money directly to you to help you pay your medical bills. And you’ll do the same for them, all while praying for and encouraging one another.
  3. We go where you go. Whether you’re at home or on vacation, you won’t have to worry about how paying for your medical expenses might change.

How to best meet your family’s medical needs is a big decision. Download an overview and comparison chart; we hope it will be helpful as you decide if health care sharing with Samaritan Ministries is right for you.

About Samaritan Ministries:

Samaritan Ministries is a community of Christians paying one another’s medical bills. It’s not insurance and there are no networks, so you choose the doctors, treatments – including alternative medical treatments and natural methods of care – and hospitals that are right for your family. Plus, it’s affordable with a sharing program that could fit your budget, and you can join today.


Download an Overview Comparison Chart

Samaritan Ministries Info Packet

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