3 Ways Gratitude Benefits A Homeschooling Family | 168

It’s now November, and for so many of us that means recounting what we’re thankful for, making a point to journal or talk about gratitude as we are marching towards Thanksgiving and Christmas. But, how does all that Thanksgiving impact us practically? How does it change the way we engage with our spouse, our children, go about our day, etc. This week, that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking all about how gratitude benefits a homeschooling family.

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David Nunnery has created a Thanksgiving Journal that will help you study Thanksgiving in the Psalms while establishing a habit of Thanksgiving and gratitude in your own life that will transform you and your family in ways that will astonish you! For 40-days, you’ll study what God’s Word tells us about being grateful and then you’ll write very specifically about the things that you are thankful for. It will prove to be a life-changing exercise. Check it out today at TransformJournals.com and pick up a copy for yourself or get a family pack to work through with your children in your family devotions. 

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