3 Summer Break Goals

Every summer I stand at the edge looking ahead to a wonderful summer break. In my hand I hold the list of what I plan to accomplish: cleaning, meal prep, lesson plans for next year, and of course special days filled with friends and fun. . .  And then I get to the end of summer and realize I spent it playing catch up and cleaning up messes three steps behind my kids.

I get to the end of summer tired rather than rested.
I get to the end of summer longing for routine instead of chaos.
I get to the end of summer realizing I’ve lived a restless summer, playing catch up.

Does it sound familiar?

The last few years this has changed. Maybe the change came with the older ages of my children, but I tend to think it changed when my method did.

I have been choosing just TWO goals to focus on. Two things I want to accomplish during the summer. Just being able to “let the rest go” and giving myself permission to focus on two things has changed our summers in a wild way! But this year, I’m adding a third goal, one that was missing from the last few summers.

I pick out one heart issue. What do I mean by a heart issue? It’s something that I feel like we (the kids and myself) need to work on. Here are some examples:

  • Sibling love (cough, cough… getting along). I picked up Kim Sorgius’s Sibling Bible Study and we focused on that one summer.
  • Obedience. Maybe you don’t do this, but I tell them to do something and walk away assuming they just did it. Hours later it hits me that they didn’t do it, but by then I’m too tired and just let it go. Sigh. I grabbed Kim’s “Because I Said So” Bible Study and that summer. I measured my day successfully if all I did was follow through with getting them to listen to me.
  • This year we are going to be focusing on communicating before the emotions get too high. #girlmom (Send me Bible Study suggestions, please. 😉)

While during the school year, there are many other things pressing, summer is different. There is a pace slow enough that allows time for intense training and time for follow through.

{Do you have a heart issue you and your kids need to address during the slower pace of summer? Just pick one to concentrate on!}

I set one new habit to focus on. Some new habit examples:

  • Stepping up the chore level. The girl who did the bathroom last year – learns a new area, something a tad bit harder. The girls on sweeping duty – might still sweep but also learn to add in dusting.
  • Add a completely additional job into the day. One summer we added the habit of dishwasher jobs. Another summer was to establish a Friday cleaning routine. Still yet another, we added an after-supper job for everyone.
  • Work on our laundry routine. Each one of my kids takes a day to do their own laundry so one year I taught them how to get it in the washer. This year we need to focus on getting it from the dryer to the fold and put away state. 😉
  • Introduce the idea of a quick clean of “zones” in the afternoon.
  • Or simply strengthening our old habits that have started to get a little rusty. 😉

Making a habit during the summer when we have time to really learn a new routine makes the school year so much smoother. It also gives purpose and routine to the (possibly) boring days. Purpose and routine creates an atmosphere of consistency that our children crave.

{Do you have any habits your family needs to work on? Use this summer to get it established!}


After setting just TWO goals the last several summers, I am now at the edge of this summer, with the need for a third goal. A rest goal. For our family, as a couple, and for myself.

The family is kind of easy… slow, hot summer evenings in the pool will work.
As a couple? Hummmm… maybe eating on the patio at our favorite Mexican place? Maybe a walk around the block in the evening? Still working on these ideas.

But the nudging from the Holy Spirit is really …rest for me. How am I, as the homeschool mom, going to find a way to intentionally rest during the summer?  

How are you going to rest this summer?

  • Read that book gathering dust on your night stand
  • Pick up that hobby you let go so you could keep up with the grading
  • Meet that friend for coffee
  • Go for a walk. All by yourself.
  • Write in your journal

It’s called Summer Break… But often we are so busy being two steps behind, cleaning up messes that we forget to rest. Let us, you and I, make this summer different.

{When I say rest, what comes to mind? Make that your goal.}

Three goals. One heart issue, one family habit, one rest goal.  That’s it.  Just making these three things your first focus every day has the power to make these next few months a true summer break.

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  1. I can relate to this so much! Especially that last one, too often I pack the summer full and don’t create enough space for down time. Thank you for the thoughtful ideas and reminders.

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