Vincenzo Antignani

Bob Jones University

Vincenzo Antignani was born and raised in Napoli (Southern Italy). He graduated from the University of Naples "Federico II" with a Bachelor of Science in Ethnobotany and a Master of Science in Allelopathy and Plant Pathology. In 2009, he moved to Blacksburg, VA, where he worked as visiting Ph.D. student at Virginia Tech. In January 2011, he completed his Ph.D. with a dissertation on “Trafficking of Virulence Factors in Plant and Human Cells.” After completion of his Ph.D., he worked as a post-doctoral research assistant at Virginia Tech and at the University of Michigan focusing on RabGTPases-mediated plant immunity. Before joining the faculty at Bob Jones University in August of 2013, he served as an assistant lecturer, lab instructor and guest speaker in Italy and in the United States. Vincenzo has published papers in various scientific journals covering topics in plant biology, plant pathology, fungal biology, plant ecology, soil ecology and biochemistry.

Vicenzo and his family are members at Choice Hills Baptist Church where they serve with the kids ministry, and they are involved organizing events that bring together the local international community.

 Vincenzo Antignani

Workshops from Vincenzo Antignani ( may vary by event location )

Preparing and Succeeding in STEM: Suggestions & Tips for a Deep Learning College Experience

Courses such as General Biology, Fundamentals of Biology, General Chemistry, General Physics are the gateway to a number of programs such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Biochemistry, Premed, Predent, Health Science, Exercise Science, and Nursing. This workshop will give you the teacher practical tips to improve your child’s abstract thinking skills by engaging them in situations where they need to interpret a complex graph/photo or they need to create graphs of data that they have produced in a certain experiment. The ability to handle and analyze abstract ideas is foundational in order to understand the scientific method. Suggestions to help your child prepare for college science courses will also be discussed.