Tina Griffin

Counter Culture Mom

Former Hollywood actress, pop culture expert, Tina Griffin, moved from her Wisconsin dairy farm to Hollywood, CA at the age of 20 and earned a BA in Film and Television broadcasting from California State University - Los Angeles. After seeing what takes place behind the glitz and glamor, Tina took her knowledge to the streets and has traveled globally for the past 17 years delivering her eye-opening show Hollywood Exposed. Her message explains the real agenda behind the entertainment industry and the Hollywood hypocrisy most fans know nothing about.

Tina’s mission is to help parents safely navigate today’s pop culture chaos and learn the importance of only engaging in positive media. Because our worldview is shaped by what we allow to enter our minds, it is imperative we are diligent in what we allow in our homes for entertainment.

Besides being in countless movies, Tina has worked on many TV shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, Lizzie McGuire, Drake and Josh, and Malcolm in the Middle, competed in the Miss America pageant, was a private driver for celebrities, and worked at the OSCARS. She was a member of the Film Society as well as Women in Film and the Screen Actors Guild. She’s opened for bands such as Colton Dixon, Third Day, Jeremy Camp and more.

To keep people informed of the current pop culture trends, Tina gives regular updates on various radio shows like American Family Radio and Washington Watch. She also sends pop culture alerts through her newly released Counter Culture Mom app, notifying parents of the potential threats to their children. Tina and her husband Luke live in Nashville, Tennessee, where she homeschools their four kids and strives daily to get America back on track!


 Tina Griffin

Workshops from Tina Griffin ( may vary by event location )

POP CULTURE PURGE: How to Safeguard Your Home from Today’s Harmful Entertainment

This jam-packed session opens with various videos exposing the hypocrisy of Hollywood celebrities and how they shelter their kids from their own entertainment. Consequences of engaging in harmful media are included, followed by a list of positive role models. This session concludes with how to safeguard your home through web filtering, tech device management, and setting house guidelines.

NOT JUST A GAME: How Video Games, Sexting, Bullying, and Social Media Impact Our Children

Video game violence, pornography, any pedophiles grooming our children is commonplace. Decipher video game cheat codes and how to keep your kids safe while gaming online. Tina provides many family-friendly video game options along with covering the consequences and resources available for sexting, bullying, social media and self-image issues.

CULTURAL CHAOS: How TV Shows and Movies are Pushing Identity Crisis and Gender Confusion

Tina analyzes current TV shows and movies and the harmful behaviors they promote to our kids, causing major identity crisis and gender confusion. Learn about the many positive entertainment choices available from Pure Flix, MovieGuide, Common Sense Media, and more.

DEMONIC DECEPTION: How Celebrities are Promoting Satanism and Witchcraft in Today’s Music

Tina explains the true meanings of the lyrics in today’s top songs. How singers are promoting witchcraft and Satanism through hand signs, in music videos, and even by what they wear is revealed. Eye-opening videos from top celebs, expose Hollywood’s real agenda. Many positive music options are provided.