Dr Timothy Rees

Erskine College

As a lifelong learner and first generation college student, I believe in the power and wonder of education. Growing up watching my father struggle with simple spelling and reading tasks made me desire a different future for myself. While my career path did not take a direct route to higher education, I have always attempted to learn in every environment I have encountered. In the Marines, I learned about myself as a person and leader and grew in expertise by completing professional development courses. Once I left the service, I again took up professional development courses and excelled in my roles in the financial services industry. Now, after more than a dozen years in higher education, I have successfully defended my dissertation and desire to spend the remainder of my career assisting others in finding and attaining the educational goal that fits them as a person.

Resume highlights: Experienced Endorsed Enrollment Professional with a demonstrated history of achieving enrollment goals in the higher education industry. Skilled in Analysis, Communication, Process Design, Team Building, and Administration. Strong administrative professional with a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree, focused in Educational Leadership from Liberty University.

Dr Timothy Rees

Workshops from Dr Timothy Rees ( may vary by event location )

5 Best Ways to Prepare for College

From the perspective of a first generation college student, Dr. Rees will explore ways you can prepare your student and family for the college selection process. Even though colleges vary as to acceptance standards, awarding of scholarships and transfer credit, and many other elements there are some distinct things you can do that transcend the colleges you will be considering and allow you and your family to make the most wise choice possible. God has gifted each of differently and each of our children has unique abilities that need to be nurtured and cultivated, this session will help you prayerfully consider which college choice option is right for you.