Mr Thomas McCuddy

Norm Geisler International Ministries

Thomas is a native of Memphis, TN and has both a Bachelor's of Mathematics from MTSU as well as a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Southern Evangelical Seminary. Thomas is finishing a Doctorate in Apologetics from Southern Evangelical where he has been studying apologetics since 2003.

Thomas entered the ministry formally in 2003, but has been working with youth in the church since 1998. Thomas served in churches across TN and NC seeking to make disciple-makers and strengthening families in the faith. Early in 2018, Thomas transitioned from the pastoral ministry to parachurch ministry as part of the Norm Geisler International Ministries. Thomas is now the Director of the Norm Geisler Institute which launches January 2019. After serving the church for 20 years, Thomas understands the value of both education and spiritual transformation. This led to the vision of the Norm Geisler Institute which will equip believers all over the world to share the faith, defend the faith, and multiply the faith as they become disciple-makers.

As a dedicated homeschool family, Thomas also understands the challenges homeschool parents face, and that is why the Norm Geisler Institute seeks to meet the unique needs of homeschool families by providing the same mentoring and equipping but for high schoolers who need to be the kinds of disciples who share, defend, and multiply the faith.

Thomas has also served as professor of apologetics at Carolina College of Biblical Studies for the last eight years and while his ministry focuses on preparing for college and life, his favorite age group to teach has always been middle school!

Thomas and his wife Stacey have three young boys and live in Fayetteville, NC.

Mr Thomas McCuddy

Workshops from Mr Thomas McCuddy ( may vary by event location )

Why Our Kids Leave the Faith and How to Stop It.

Why do children raised in good, godly homes walk away from the faith in college years? This session will encourage parents in ways to transform the whole child in heart, mind, and strength. Parents will learn practical methods that have been proven effective in reaching the lost in the twenty-first century, and are now proving effective for discipling believers and strengthening the faith of church members in the contemporary church. Parents will understand the worldviews that are dominate in the world which have infiltrated the church as well as learn the methods for reaching and grounding their children. The heart cannot accept what the mind rejects. And the mind can fully embrace the truth while the heart pursues what is false. Therefore, parents will learn how to connect the mind and heart to produce children who are “good soil” (Matthew 13), and who can produce a fruit in a hostile world.

Integrating Apologetics into Every Subject

The Bible commands, encourages, and demonstrates the need to defend the faith. Paul said that he was put here for the defense of the gospel (Phil 1:16). But isn't apologetics more of a side study? Learn how apologetics is already part of every subject an how to integrate apologetic topics, skills, and thinking in every academic subject. Logic, philosophy, and Bible are obvious places, but math, science (especially science), art, history, and every other subject can be used to strengthen the Christian worldview and defend the claims in Scripture either directly or indirectly. Parents will learn tips, tricks, and resources for seamlessly integrating the skills necessary to contend for the faith once and for all handed down to the Saints (Jude 3).