September McCarthy


September McCarthy has been married to her husband Dan for 30 years. Together they have ten children and four grandchildren. They have been homeschooling their children for 23 years, and have launched six arrows, with four more still at home.

She is the founder and director of the non-profit ministry, Raising Generations Today. She hosts and directs annual Conferences and speaks nationally to share the hope she holds onto daily to navigate life's waters. September holds no claim on having it all together, and speaks with a voice and heart of encouragement and hope to families.

September is the author of {Why} Motherhood Matters, with Harvest House Publishers. She directs a large Homeschool Cooperative in NYS and continues to share her heart and passion for teaching from home and raising arrows for the Lord.

September lives a rural life, with her growing family, chickens, gardening, shelves overflowing with books and a passion to live present in her calling to share the gospel in her every day. Her family is her #1 priority and her heart is always at home. She believes in new mercies every day and fresh grace on everyone she meets.

 September McCarthy

Workshops from September McCarthy ( may vary by event location )

How to Homeschool Kids with Character

While pouring over our curriculum and scheduling all of the necessary ingredients into our homeschool day, we often miss one of the most important parts to launching our arrows into the world. Character. September will share how Character can be woven into the DNA of your homeschool day and life of your family. We want our children to be wise and full of knowledge, but character is the part of your arrow that will determine the course.

Throw Your Mom Guilt Out the Window

Mom guilt is already something many of us have dealt with. Homeschooling often takes comparison, disappointment, perfectionism and more to the next level. September will unravel the guilt that has us all tied up and not able to fully lead and love in our homeschooling. A very practical heart to heart talk, that will give you every day motions to throwing the guilt out the window and embracing your homeschool journey the way you were meant to.

{Why} Motherhood Matters

When we know our purpose, we are able to cast a vision and stay focused. Do you know why your motherhood matters? Perhaps you feel like you a treading water and raising the white flag for help. Perhaps you have lost your way and need a little encouragement from the side-lines. We are juggling the roles of teacher and mom every day, and we often wish we could just be "mom," to our children. September will walk through the expectations we put on ourselves and learn how to separate the moments that matter in a homeschooling day and how to be their mom even while teaching them. Join September for a very practical heart to heart discussion on a topic that often gets pushed to the sidelines of our curriculum. Motherhood.