Savannah Jane McCrary

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Savannah Jane McCrary is a nineteen-year-old homeschool graduate, author, and illustrator. She’s the third born in an amazing family of seven children and was homeschooled all the way through. She published her first book, Do Justly (a book about human trafficking, abortion, orphans, and sharing the gospel), when she was seventeen. Since then, she’s also published The Invisible Guide (a fantasy story) and Lord willing, by the time she comes to this convention, she’ll have finished a children’s picture book and a historical fiction book set in Ancient Rome will be at least well underway.
Besides writing, drawing, and paintings, Savannah is also studying to be a midwife and enjoys spending time with her family, getting together with old friends and meeting new ones, hiking and other outdoor activities, reading good books, playing the harp and xylophone and singing, and drinking tea. She and her family have lived in Missouri, Colorado, and Georgia, and currently live in Northwest Montana. Savannah hopes her books, and everything she does, will point people to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 Savannah Jane McCrary

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Our 27 Years and Counting Homeschooling Journey

Keith and Debbie McCrary, homeschooling parents of 27 years and authors of the recently published, The Greatest of These is Love, share about their journey of homeschooling, God’s work and presence in the journey, following God and not the world, embracing His command to be fruitful and multiply, discipling their children, and just doing life as a family, all while enjoying and guarding the blessing of godly marriage. Their nineteen-year-old daughter Savannah will join to share how homeschooling has impacted her life and given her the freedom to pursue her passions of art and writing and publish two books: Do Justly and The Invisible Guide. They hope to encourage others in their journey and help them see the bountiful blessings even amidst trials.