Sarah Fowler

Ohio State Board of Education - District 7

Sarah Fowler was first elected to the Ohio State Board of Education in 2012 for a two-year term beginning January 1, 2013. She was re-elected to the full four-year term in 2014 with overwhelming support in a four-way race. Sarah has opposed many bureaucratic policies over the past five years, fulfilling her campaign promises to support parental direction of their children’s education and local control of Ohio’s public schools.

During her time on the State Board of Education Sarah has served on more than ten different committees and several workgroups giving her a wide range of education policy experience. Sarah also served as the State Board’s 2015 appointee to the National Association of State Boards of Education workgroup on Governmental Affairs, which focuses on federal education law and policy. She is currently the Vice-chairman of the Educator and Student Options Committee (January 2017-present).

A former small business owner, Sarah started her own business when she was just eleven years old and operated “Sarah’s Eggs” for thirteen years. Sarah has taught hand-on skills, including canning, sewing, and piano, to small classes of adults and children in both the United States and Mexico. She continues to teach private piano lessons to around twenty students ages five to eighteen. In addition to pursuing her other entrepreneurial interests, Sarah does graphic design, sales and marketing, and book keeping in her parents’ business.

Sarah resides on a small farm in Ashtabula County with her family. She enjoys reading, writing, gardening, camping and hiking. The oldest of seven children, you will often find her reading aloud to her younger siblings or cheering on their softball teams. Sarah is the first homeschool graduate in the nation to be elected to a State Board of Education. She credits her parents and grandparents for instilling in her the valuable life lessons of hard work, respect, loyalty and love for God and others.

 Sarah Fowler

Workshops from Sarah Fowler ( may vary by event location )

How Home Education Prepared Me for Public Office

Sarah Fowler is the first homeschool graduate to serve on a State Board of Education. In this session she will be exploring key education experiences that prepared her for service in state government and how the lack of training in these areas has undermined the ministry and service of others. Sarah will explore the benefits of Christian mentorship in her personal and spiritual development and share how she has reciprocated by mentoring young people as well.

"Adulting" in Your Parent's Home

Having young adults living and serving at home can be challenging! Learn biblical principles for navigating the changing roles and responsibilities in a way that expands your family ministry and service to one another, the church, and the world. Sarah will explain why she chose to live and serve from home as a young adult and how she and her parents have balanced expectations and responsibilities in and out of the home, especially following her election to the State Board of Education. Laura will share a mom's perspective on protecting family structure for younger children, recognizing your young adult's new schedule and personal responsibilities, and how to balance changing expectations with household responsibilities. Both will explore the importance of communication, respect, and bearing with one another in love. This session will include interaction so please bring your questions! Moms and teen/adult daughters are encouraged to attend together.

Life Skills - Entrepreneurship for Youth

Sarah Fowler is a homeschool graduate who started her first "real" business at the age of 11 selling eggs to neighbors. Listen as Sarah relates how she and her siblings have benefited in adulthood from the skills they learned as teenagers owning their own businesses. Come away inspired to build your skills, portfolio and business!