Rich and Barb Heki

Grandparents of Homeschoolers

Rich and Barb Heki are the founders and directors of Grandparents of Homeschoolers. As veteran homeschool leaders with four children and three grandchildren, they speak nationally and internationally to encourage, inspire and equip grandparents to lovingly support, actively engage in and fully delight in the home-education adventure of their grandchildren - whether they live locally or long-distance.

Having homeschooled their four children from birth to adulthood, the Hekis have served as homeschooling leaders, working with other national leaders, for nearly two decades. During these years, they have written articles, orchestrated events, spoken at conferences, served support groups, worked on homeschooling legislation, and counseled and encouraged homeschooling families one-on-one.

As advocates of multi-generational family discipleship "because education IS discipleship" they are excited to be ministering to grandparents of homeschoolers, connecting the generations through home education.

Rich and Barb are graduates of Drake University and have volunteered in various Christian ministry leadership capacities for 40 years. They are passionate defenders of parental rights and homeschooling freedoms, encouraging families to seek God's direction in every aspect of their homeschool journey. They view education as a lifestyle, believing that if we teach children HOW to learn, how to LOVE learning, and how to follow GOD's direction in their lives, they will experience what true success really is.

 Rich and Barb Heki

Workshops from Rich and Barb Heki ( may vary by event location )

When Grandpa and Grandma Don't Support Homeschooling

Got stress? The most wonderful home education journey can become stressful, agonizing, even overwhelming when Grandpa and Grandma (or other family members) oppose homeschooling. This workshop will equip you with family survival tactics, plus strategies for making Grandpa and Grandma WANT to jump on board, as well as steps for navigating the everyday interactions with grandparents who don't share the homeschooling parents' religious convictions.

De-Stress Your Homeschool! Creative Ideas for Grandparent Involvement ... Beyond Babysitting!

Grandparents and parents: Bring your notebooks, because this workshop will present an amazing array of practical, creative, hands-on ideas to help grandparents deepen their relationships with the grandchildren (and give parents some much-needed help!) by actively engaging the grandparents in the grandkids' education —whether they live locally or long-distance.

iGramma, iGrampa — Connecting and Protecting in the Digital Age

Kids do everything digitally these days, so prepare to discover creative ways grandparents of all skill levels can stay connected with their grandchildren in fun, educational, relational ways. We’ll also teach you how to protect them from the prevalent dangers online — dangers that you might not even know about, but need to know about so you can prepare and protect those precious grandchildren. (Parents welcome, too; this content will be beneficial to all.)

“iGramma, iGrampa: Protecting Kids and Grandkids in the Digital Age”

Did you know there are hidden sub-levels of the internet with unthinkable content that is easy to access? That the average age of first exposure to internet pornography is 8? That children are accessing harmful content everywhere from their own homes to friends’ cell phones to Grandpa’s and Grandma’s house, with the nearby adults totally unaware? This workshop will tell you what is out there that should concern you, from web browsing to SnapChat to games to the Dark Web, and what you can do to protect and prepare those precious children and grandchildren. Parents and Grandparents – this is for you!

iGramma, iGrampa™ — Connecting with Grandkids in the Digital Age.

Are you tech-savvy? Or do you flee from computers and smart phones? This workshop is for all of you! Kids do everything digitally these days, so prepare to discover a variety of creative ways that grandparents can stay connected with their grandchildren in today’s digital world. Whether you prefer the simple or the complex, we’ll help you navigate past all the “iThis and iThats” and focus on the aspects of today’s technology that will deepen relationships, enhance discipleship and foster creative educational projects you can do digitally with your grandchildren. Parents, we’ll give you lots of ideas to share with grandparents who are not at this conference.