Rebecca Fisher

Beakerz Science

With an MS in Education and 17 years of instructional experience in science and the English language arts, Rebecca Fisher started Beakerz with the hopes of inspiring our youngest generation to explore, discover and become critical thinkers and innovative contributors. Rebecca has authored a novel and appeared on television shows such as FOX, The 700 Club and more to discuss topics such as parenting and her Christian faith.

 Rebecca Fisher

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Our Urgent Need for Early Childhood Science Education

Research has consistently shown us that our current educational standards in sci-ence are failing our students. Our 4th and 12th grade students are below profi-cient, and our colleges are failing to graduate STEM-capable candidates for the projected 13% annual increase in STEM career growth. There is other research, though, that offers hope. This research tells us that bringing science education into preschool classrooms has significant impact in areas unexpected. Not only do these young students grow in conceptual understanding of science, they improve in literacy, math skills and begin to see themselves as science learners. There is even evidence that this early introduction to science has a lasting, positive impact on future learning overall. There is much work to be done, and there is no time like now! Preschool science is fun, can be done at home and with groups, and can be as simple as opening a box.