Mollie Moses

Growing Healthy Homes

Her passion for nutrition elevated after her son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes; she learned more and taught those she loves how to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime. Mollie uses her social media platform to educate families about nutrition and toxic-free living. Her love for the Lord is very evident, and she desires to see His complete restoration in the lives of all families. The Moses family lives in Oklahoma, where they participate in Classical Conversations and love playing sports, hunting, and being together.

 Mollie Moses

Workshops from Mollie Moses ( may vary by event location )

Optimizing Brain Function - Cognitive health

Optimizing Brain Function - Cognitive health is crucial at every age. Which foods benefit the brain? Which ones are counter-productive to our home-educating efforts? How can plants, specifically essential oils, optimize learning capabilities? Learn simple truths to build stronger, healthier minds!