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His Vessel Academy

I am Bible believing, Bible studying Christian in constant pursuit to follow God and glorify HIM in my work. I was raised in Florida in a Christian home, have known Jesus since I was 6 years old and was baptized at the age of 10. My parents began working with international students at the University of Central Florida while I was in high school, and I was active with the international students for many years. In 1989, I worked with International World Outreach to host 700 students in Christian homes in Lakeland, Florida for a Christmas conference. My love for different nations and cultures began as a teenager but has continued throughout my adult life; God put missions on my heart. In 1986, I visited Ivory Coast with New Tribes Missions for 2 months. More recently, I visited an orphanage in Guatemala called Casa Bernabe for a week, where I taught math in their school.
I have a four-year degree in electro-mechanical engineering from Miami University and a master's in education from Xavier University with a licensure in 7-12 grade math. I earned a blended online learning certificate from University of Cincinnati. I was an online teacher for 6 years with Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow. While teaching online, I created most of my curriculum. God is amazing how he trains you without you even knowing it; He has prepared me for "such a time as this". All the curriculum, for my math courses, was created with God's knowledge and my pen. I can honestly say I had no idea God said so much about math. I have been involved with math most of my life and love it, but I am only now learning about math through God's eyes. He has challenged me to really look for Him. When you have a chance to see even one of the projects that God has allowed me to write down from Him, you can tell it is not me.
On a personal note, I have three children, who are all grown and married to wonderful spouses. I homeschooled my children from kindergarten to the eighth grade. My daughter had her first child in 2017 and Hayley is my pride and joy. My daughter is pregnant with her second child and due in July 2019.

Currently, I work in my home church in the women’s ministry and children’s church. I love running the sound for the children and teaching second graders about God. Although I thought this was out of my comfort-zone, I really enjoy it. I tutor ACT for another company I own with a partner. Recently, I have had the privilege to use this company’s resources to tutor an orphan from Guatemala in SAT and Toefl, who has a scholarship to the U.S. for soccer. God uses me in such unusual ways and it has been an adventure serving Him.
I hope you give me, Judy Ebbing, and Katie Self the opportunity to teach your child.
We are all very dedicated and love the God, who created the heavens and the earth. If all of creation points to God, why would we think that math doesn't point to Him. He created it. I want to bring every subject, topic, and concept in math to glorify God. In functions, y depends solely on X to control the equation to its desired results, so does God control and guide us so we have his desired results. We are to be dependent on God alone, after all the y in this equation stands for you. In geometry, you have transformations. What better way to explain these then to point out we reflect God's glory, translate God's word from one to another, and rotate our lives around God, the origin of the world.

 Mary Carroll

Workshops from Mary Carroll ( may vary by event location )

How to Implement God in your Math Curriculum

I. God’s Word point to math a. Overview – There are so many ways God reveals Himself through math concepts. b. Objectives II. Specific examples about how God talks about math. a. Ordered pairs –x (independent variable) is the direction that God gives us and y(dependent variable) is the result of that direction. b. (x,y) coordinate graph – God is the center of the graph. Our point of origin. Without His guidance we would be lost. c. Function notations – f(x) – God is in your heart directing you through His Holy Spirit. d. Slopes - formula is rise/run – Jesus Rose from the grave so we could Run the race. e. Transformations – He transforms our lives. III. Project based learning a. Overview of this type of learning b. Project – Rebecca’s Test – Genesis 24:10-21 c. Project – Great Flood – Genesis 7:11-24 IV. Classroom setting a. Classes offered b. Classroom html pages c. Interactives V. His Vessel Academy a. History b. Future c. Staff – myself, Judy, and Katie