Mrs Marian Thomsen

Daughters of Decision

Nashville, TN

Marian has lived on four continents, and has taught multiple grades in the public, private and homeschool environment.
Discipleship has been a core focus of her life, her parents being on staff with the Navigators, a Christian interdenominational and international discipleship ministry. As she lived with her parents in various parts of the world, she saw her parents live what they believe and taught to others. Having daily Quiet Times, spending time in prayer, studying and memorizing God’s Word, and applying God’s Word has become a personal and integral part of her life.
Homeschooling their three daughters gave Marian and her husband Kirk a wonderful opportunity to place discipleship as priority in their daughters’ education. Now their daughters are adults, and their family works together in their family ministry, Daughters of Decision, sharing what they continue to learn with others. Marian enjoys encouraging and helping other mothers to disciple their children. She does this with individual mothers, on her Mom Blog, and at Daughters of Decision retreats.

Mrs Marian Thomsen

Workshops from Mrs Marian Thomsen ( may vary by event location )

Creative Ways to Enjoy God's Word with Your Children

In this workshop Marian will share from her personal experience of spiritually investing in the lives of her children. She will share a very important decision she and her husband Kirk made that greatly influenced all of their homeschool years. Come glean some simple, yet creative, practical, and inexpensive ways to study and memorize God's Word and pray with your children. Marian will also share a way to intentionally plan for a consistent time in God's Word and prayer with your children each school day. This workshop is for mothers.