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Lori Lane has been associated and involved with the arts and education for over 34 years. Lori holds a Bachelor's Degree in Piano Performance and a Master's Degree in Music Education. She has taught classroom music, piano, theater, and directed and produced children, youth and adult theater productions in South Carolina, Georgia, and Colorado. Her all time favorite being White Christmas - the Musical. Her second favorite role, after being John's wife, is being a mom for over 32 years and a homeschool mom for 23 years.

In the fall of 1998, Lori began Artios Academies for the Visual and Performing Arts in Atlanta, GA for homeschool students. Artios now includes nine campuses around the country and has grown to include Artios Academy of Arts and History, the Artios Preparatory program, and the Artios Conservatory. Artios graduates have received arts, academic, and leadership related scholarships to colleges and universities around the country.

Lori now serves as the Executive Director of Artios Academies. She oversees curriculum, staff and director training, and parent education for Artios. She is the author of Beginning with the End in Mind and co-author of The Artios Home Companion Series. Lori, and her husband John, make their home in the middle of the Colorado Rockies. They have been married almost 34 years, have four sons, three daughter-in-loves, and FIVE granddaughters. In her free time, she enjoy horses, skiing, and hiking.

 Lori Lane

Workshops from Lori Lane ( may vary by event location )

Creativity and Critical Thinking

Effective learning involves thinking that is productive, purposeful, and intentional. Although critical thinking is at the core of most intellectual activity, it is creative thinking that involves students learning to generate and apply new ideas in specific contexts, seeing existing situations in a new way, identifying alternative explanations, and seeing or making new links that generate a positive outcome. To survive and thrive in today's culture, our students must develop both of these paths and skills. Being able to critically AND creatively approach all areas of life, will set our students apart in education, work, and relationships.

Entrepreneurship in the Arts

This is not the age of the "starving artist!" Although our generation might have been taught this, enterpreneurship and success in the arts is alive and well! If you are worried about your child being creatively inclined, you can now celebrate. Learn how marketable, arts-related skills can evolve into a successful career in the arts. Real-life examples and practical information will assist you fully equipping your child in their area of passion.

Developing a Worldview of the Arts

With so many worldview curriculums and resources out there, why do so few of them deal with a Biblical worldview and the arts. The arts are exceptionally influential on your child's worldview and learning how they work, integrate, influence, and infiltrate the mind and heart of your child is critical to equipping them to be in the world but not of the world. Non-involvement in the arts is not an option, but discernment is necessary.

Celebrating Uniqueness

Each child is created uniquely, therefore, each child as a unique way of learning. When you are able to discover the gifts of your child, a whole new way of learning comes to light. With an extensive background in music, Lori will share “How to Discover and Teach to the Individual Needs and Gifting of Your Child”.

Artios Drama Camp Production

Participants of the 2-day drama program have the opportunity to present or perform in this theater and arts showcase for parents. They have experienced instruction and inspiration in theater, film, music, visual arts and more. Come see what they have learned!