Dr Larry Stephenson

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Dr. Larry Stephenson has spent over twenty-five years in educational administration. He has a BS in Education with Math as a teaching field, as well as a Masters and a Doctorate in Educational Administration. Dr. Stephenson is the Superintendent of Logos Online School and Logos School in Moscow, Idaho. He and his wife, Kelly, have four children and seven grandchildren, all of whom love the Lord.

Dr Larry Stephenson

Workshops from Dr Larry Stephenson ( may vary by event location )

Finishing with Confidence – A Plan for Homeschooling 7-12th Grades

Would you like support teaching higher level math, science, history, literature and language classes? Do you need assistance with transcripts, diplomas, and college advising? Are you interested in help from instructors who love the Lord, love to teach, and are from homeschooling backgrounds themselves? Find out why more and more homeschooling families are turning to Logos Online School, an affordable, accredited, online classical Christian school, as their children get older.