Keith and Debbie McCrary

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Keith and Debbie McCrary have been married 33 years (married 1986), and have seven children on earth, five daughters and two sons, whose ages range from 31 – 6 (born 1988 – 2012). They also have five children in heaven. They currently reside in the Big Sky Country of Montana, having previously lived in Missouri, Colorado, and Georgia.
It’s their desire to passionately serve Jesus Christ in their lives, encouraging others to do the same. They love doing life together, enjoying their children together, coffee dates, 4-wheeler rides, hunting together, good music, singing with their children, having coffee and tea time together early in the morning, homeschooling their children, hiking, kayaking, fishing, and just embracing this adventure of life together.

 Keith and Debbie McCrary

Workshops from Keith and Debbie McCrary ( may vary by event location )

Our 27 Years and Counting Homeschooling Journey

Keith and Debbie McCrary, homeschooling parents of 27 years and authors of the recently published, The Greatest of These is Love, share about their journey of homeschooling, God’s work and presence in the journey, following God and not the world, embracing His command to be fruitful and multiply, discipling their children, and just doing life as a family, all while enjoying and guarding the blessing of godly marriage. Their nineteen-year-old daughter Savannah will join to share how homeschooling has impacted her life and given her the freedom to pursue her passions of art and writing and publish two books: Do Justly and The Invisible Guide. They hope to encourage others in their journey and help them see the bountiful blessings even amidst trials.