Kathleen Dufner

Thrivent Federal Credit Union

Kathleen Dufner is the Assistant Vice President of Business Development for Thrivent Federal Credit Union. Growing up in a single income home sparked an interest in savings and frugality that have followed her throughout her life. Nine years of work in the banking industry has taught her much about how finance and lending can work for or against people. Her passion to help others live their values through their spending is today being carried out as she travels the country speaking with Christians and helping guide them to balance their faith and finances.

 Kathleen Dufner

Workshops from Kathleen Dufner ( may vary by event location )

From Hobby to Business: How to Find Financial Freedom in Side Hustle Success

As a homeschooling mom, you wear many hats. From spouse to parent to teacher, each role is important in its own way – but what about your role as an entrepreneur running your “side hustle” for extra income? Thrivent Federal Credit Union serves small and micro businesses nationwide and has compiled some proven approaches for maximizing the success of these businesses. We will share our unique points of view along with some practical knowledge and tools to shift your mindset from running your side hustle as a hobby, to running it as a business to maximize the return on your investment and reap even greater rewards. In this session we will: • Discuss the importance of separating your personal and business finances to simplify monthly management • Understand the difference between revenue and cash flow to more effectively cover expenses and profits • Learn best practices to help run your small business effectively