Mrs Kate Funk

Ready-Made Preschool

Kate Funk is a former educator and homeschool mom to five children ranging from preschool to high school. She has been homeschooling for over 14 years and especially enjoys the preschool years. She is the founder and creator of Ready-Made Preschool, which provides early childhood homeschool curriculum programs that include the lesson plans and all the necessary materials cut, prepped and ready to use. She enjoys speaking and encouraging moms to maximize their time with their preschooler, while minimizing the time and effort it requires. She believes it is important to instill a love of learning in children early on and that this is best done by implementing a multi-sensory hands on approach to learning.

Mrs Kate Funk

Workshops from Mrs Kate Funk ( may vary by event location )

The Early Years Without Tears

Preschoolers/Kindergarteners are like sponges, eager and ready to learn, but the lessons and activities must be fun and engaging. In this session, you will learn the importance of reading aloud quality literature to your child, how to incorporate hands on learning and much much more. See how to implement a multi-sensory approach to learning that will have your child excited about their lessons!