Mrs Karen Hopkins

Growing Healthy Homes

Karen Hopkins is the founder of Growing Healthy Homes and is a co-author of the two-time, award-winning, family nutrition and health curriculum Nutrition 101: Choose Life! Karen graduated from Oklahoma State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree from the college of Home Economics. Karen and her husband owned and operated a Day Care Center for 9 years. She was also a public school teacher in Oklahoma. Now, Karen is a Supervising Certified CARE instructor (The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education) and she is a Certified Vibrational Raindrop Specialist. Karen travels the country teaching nutrition and aromatherapy classes with her husband.

Mrs Karen Hopkins

Workshops from Mrs Karen Hopkins ( may vary by event location )

Optimizing Brain Function - Cognitive health

Optimizing Brain Function - Cognitive health is crucial at every age. Which foods benefit the brain? Which ones are counter-productive to our home-educating efforts? How can plants, specifically essential oils, optimize learning capabilities? Learn simple truths to build stronger, healthier minds!

Nutrition 101: Choose Life!

Join Nutrition 101: Choose Life! co-author Karen Hopkins as she shares about the newly updated, award-winning family nutrition and health curriculum, and discusses how nutrition can play a vital part of your child's educational success. Success in the classroom starts with nutrition in the kitchen!

Healthy Home

Reducing the impact of toxic chemicals with the Thieves line. In this workshop we will learn why some chemicals are harmful and we will highlight some of the key toxic chemicals and discuss how they affect us and where they can be found. We will talk about some simple strategies to begin to detoxify your home and see why reducing chemicals is a very attainable goal and one that you should start today.