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Josh Tolley is a nationally syndicated radio host, business trainer and founder of Purple Monkey Garage, and the best-selling author of "Evangelpreneur". Josh is an outspoken proponent of homeschooling, who advocates for homeschooling as a powerful way to teach real-world business and entrepreneurship skills to the next generation.

 Josh Tolley

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Why Every Homeschool Family Needs to be an Entrepreneurial Family

With inflation averaging over 12% a year since 1918 and with studies showing the more mom and dad work separate careers outside the home leading to divorce, teen drug use, and poverty, this topic highlights the importance of getting back to a family model that raises children to be capable of securing a good living once they grow. This topic has shifted the dynamics of families all around the world and is the basis of the Amazon #1 selling book Evangelpreneur.

Why I Will Never Make My Children Share

When we force our kids to share we are creating a dynamic which fosters the growth of socialism. What might sound as a light topic is anything but; with the 2020 elections looking more and more like a battle for the heart and soul of the country the time is now to raise kids to understand how the world actually works. When we force our kids to share we are stopping them from the growth and maturity that is needed to be a stable adult.

Why I Will Never Give My Son an Allowance

How do we raise children with practical steps to be self-sufficient and entrepreneurial? It starts with never giving your children an allowance. Instead when your child wants money, they have to earn it through entrepreneurial efforts. This creates a child who will be able to thrive in any economic condition in the future.