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John Nix is a high-energy, engaging, and humorous expository preacher. He preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is understandable. John teaches the scripture with clarity and then calls people to repentance and faith as he challenges the audience to set God as their highest value, discover the truth of scripture, and respond in obedience as God speaks. John is a nationally sought-after preacher and international conference speaker that ministers to thousands each year. His enthusiasm is contagious and you will generally find the people around him laughing, dancing, and talking about the scripture.

John and his wife Allison along with their three children Sarah, Sydney, and Simeon make their home just outside of Memphis, Tennessee.

People are asking questions and there is an increasing number of people claiming to be spiritual or religiously unaffiliated while rejecting organized religion and objective truth. People need truth and are desperate for purpose. In 2002, John founded Vertical Purpose Ministries, a Memphis based nonprofit organization to help people find the truth and purpose they are searching for, what he calls their “vertical purpose.” Vertical Purpose partners with churches, ministries, schools, and individuals to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and participate in making disciples.

John loves Christ's church and understands the importance of the local church in the Christian life. He serves on staff as a Teaching Pastor at The Orchard Church in Collierville, Tennessee. He is under the authority of his church leaders and is sent out from The Orchard as a missionary.

 John Nix

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Worship and Rock and Roll

Camp Electric brings together Christian musicians and teaches them band dynamics, the art of leading worship, and invaluable performance skills. Teens are able to do all of this while interacting and jamming with their favorite Christian artists. We learn best when we ACT on what we have been taught. At Camp Electric that’s the opportunity that you will be given. No boring workshops, everyone leaves challenged and excited to pursue the dreams that God has given them. Everything we do is designed to help spiritual growth and musical development. In this laid-back, fun learning environment you will develop your musical skills as you are grouped with other like-minded musicians. Learn from artists in today’s top Christian bands and interact with some of the most experienced people in the Christian music industry. Camp Electric’s strong commitment to Christian music gives aspiring musicians an opportunity to maximize their potential and grow in their spiritual walk.