Jimmie Byler

The Kingdom Code

Jimmie is the author of The Kingdom Code: How to Make & Manage Money… God’s Way! In 1970, she graduated from Texas Tech University with a BS in Education and married her husband, Johnny Byler, of 47 years. During her lifetime she has raised two children, taught 4th grade, created and operated several businesses, lead Christian women’s retreats, and travelled extensively.
She is passionate about teaching the principles of entrepreneurship and money management to young students so they can become debt-free, self-sufficient adults. Empowering children to be leaders in tomorrow’s marketplace with Godly principles is what motivated her to write this curriculum. Her first-hand experiences as an artist and entrepreneur provided the foundation for The Kingdom Code .
Jimmie believes it was God’s will for Johnny and her to live “the American Dream,” so she could share her knowledge and experience, equipping children with monetary skills, confidence, integrity, and the desire to follow God’s teachings.

 Jimmie Byler

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Discover Five Tips to Help Make a Budget Work for You!

Sticking to a budget is often easier said than done. Living "payday to payday" is a hard cycle to break, but we at The Kingdom Code believe every member of the family can contribute to making a budget successful. By helping your children realize they can be contributors to the family’s saving and spending plan, they will be equipped with knowledge that is invaluable. If you and your children become acquainted with the attitude changes toward money that have taken place in the last fifty years, then you are well on your way to becoming smart money managers. Understanding brings SUCCESS! Let The Kingdom Code give you tips on how to make a budget work for you and your family. Find out how to pass this knowledge on to your kids and make them successful entrepreneurs making and managing money God's way.