Jayme MacCullough

Pathway to Liberty

Jayme MacCullough is the founder of Pathway to Liberty. She is the author of The Chain of Liberty, Do men have a right to think for themselves? She has developed the comprehensive, principle-based history curriculum Pathway to Liberty which is a for students of all ages.

As a speaker, she has written and lead Bible studies, educational seminars, and conferences. She's been involved in numerous organizations, such as MOPS, Aglow International, Just Give Me Jesus with Ann Graham Lotz, among others.

Jayme customizes her topics to the needs of each group. She is proficient in the timeless documents of liberty, speaking from a principled perspective that compels listeners.

 Jayme MacCullough

Workshops from Jayme MacCullough ( may vary by event location )

How to Teach Multiple Levels Simultaneously and Stay on the Same Page

As a homeschool mom of five sons, Jayme has developed methods to simplify the school day. While individualizing to the needs of each student, you can have a cohesiveness the entire family can enjoy.

Teaching Principles Rather Than Politics

Young people face many challenges today with a culture saturated with evolution, humanism and socialism, as well as an ever-increasingly volatile political climate.  As a mom of five boys, I desire that my sons think differently. I desire them to have an answer to the questions and issues we face today. Simply stated, I want them to live free; first within their souls, and next, to maintain and advance liberty in their spheres of influence.   Principles unify. Principles are timeless. Principles transform lives. Learn how to teach your children America’s founding principles of liberty so that they may live free. Equip them to engage our culture with grace and truth and the logic of our Founding Fathers while promoting peace and unity. “Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” 2 Cor 3:17.