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Heather Laurie

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Heather Laurie is a veteran homeschooling mom of 5 and advocate for the special needs community. She is blessed with the unique challenge of raising a family with a genetic disease that causes problems from learning disabilities, autism, to strokes. Heather is always ready to encourage, support, and pray with you along the path to learning outside the box.

Workshops from Heather Laurie ( may vary by event location )

Homeschooling When Learning Isn't Easy

Is learning harder than it ought to be? Are you overwhelmed with learning differences, illnesses, or disabilities? Are you wondering if you can really homeschool? Here's hope! Heather has poured her years of experience homeschooling 5 children with special and medical needs from Kindergarten through graduation and launch into adulthood. You can be just as successful and enjoy the journey!

Out of the Box Homeschooling

A practical look at the first steps into homeschooling your child with special needs. Whether you are just starting homeschooling and have a special blessing or this is your 4th child and they learn completely differently from the others homeschooling outside the box doesn't have to be lonely or an uphill battle. You can effectively meet your child's unique needs and excel! Let me show you a variety of ways to make it happen.

High School & Beyond with Special Needs

What about graduation? I have heard that since I started homeschooling. Then we found out our children had special needs it was assumed we would send them back to school for high school. You don't have to! You can homeschool your child through graduation and beyond for some of our children. Let's talk about meeting high school level subjects and college testing. Also lets talk about those special young adults that will be in our home for the rest of their lives lifeschooling.

Put the A+ in Autism with Homeschooling!

You can successfully, responsibly and with great joy homeschool your child with autism! Using techniques like year-round homeschooling, adjusting for sensory needs, making room for needed therapy without losing learning time, and so much more. We talk about setting attainable goals and how to get there?

Homeschooling Your Sensory Intense Child

Does your child bounce constantly? Will your child refuse to touch scissors or even their pencil? Practical advice and ideas from a mom who has lived on the sensory roller coaster for years. How to adapt your learning environment to help your child thrive!

A Curriculum Tune-Up, Subject Specific Learning/ Multi-Sensory Learning

Are you dreading looking at your lesson planner or your child's textbook and seeing just how far behind you are? When your child is struggling to learn a concept, or dealing with a wide variety of special needs how we ‘feel' about our homeschooling progress and what we have accomplished may be very different. Let's assess where things have gone off the lesson plans. Create a plan to stabilize where we are. Find a way to excel from here on out!

Devoted- How We Make Our Special Family Work!

When pressed from all sides do you wonder how to get out of the hole you are in? Are you doing something wrong because you seem to be going through trial after trail? Homeschooling and parenting is a tough a job. We homeschool our 5 children that have special needs. Heather is facing the end of her life and yet she and Chris pull together not apart. Their family is stronger not failing. Let them share their life secrets with you so you too can succeed and get through the worst of life.

Parenting the Challenging Child

Has the Lord blessed you with a child or children that stretch your parenting muscles? How can you lead a child that doesn't want to listen? What to do when one reluctant learner starts stalling out your whole family's homeschooling? Chris and Heather have 5 children that have special needs and good old fashioned growth issues like being teenagers. Come learn effective strategies to parent your challenging child!

You Can Homeschool when Mom is Chronically Ill

When a parent is ill, many will encourage you to put your child back in school. You may feel guilty for being ill and feel like it would be better for your child to have healthy active adults leading their education. Your kids need YOU! Homeschooling is possible even with significant health issues. We understand because Chris is dealing with chronic illness and Heather is dealing with a life-shortening disease. Let us share why we chose to continue homeschooling and how to make it work for you and your children.

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