Evanna Walker

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Evanna Walker has been involved in teaching children to love books for over 35 years. She has taught in traditional classrooms and written educational curriculum until she found her niche teaching homeschooled children through BJU Press Distance Learning. For the past twenty-two years, she has had the unique privilege of teaching thousands of students around the world, recording nearly two-thousand different video lessons for K-5 through 6th grade students. Using humor and candor, she communicates a fierce joy of reading that encourages students to become discerning readers. Evanna was raised in a Christian home in Michigan. Her parents were pioneers in the Christian school movement in the early ‘50s and in the early homeschool movement since the early ‘70s! Evanna and her husband, JD, have been married for over thirty years and have two grown children.

 Evanna Walker

Workshops from Evanna Walker ( may vary by event location )

Ask Better Questions (1st–8th)

There is more to questioning than simply asking children to recall facts. Questioning should arouse interest, stimulate critical thinking, encourage commentary, and inspire ideas. Can you design effective questions in the midst of your daily homeschool routine? Learn how intentionality and practice can help you ask beyond the lower level questions. Even young children can begin to develop critical thinking skills when you ask better questions—whether teaching, on a field trip, or at the grocery store!