Mrs Elizabeth Adam

Norwex Independent Consultant

Elizabeth Adam has been married to her husband Robert for 13 years. They felt convicted to homeschool their four children about six years ago and enjoy spending this time together. Along this journey of life, they've had to eliminate lots of things from their home for health convictions. In the past year, they've worked toward eliminating harmful chemicals from their home and have a desire to share their passion with other families.

Elizabeth was raised in Mississippi, but moved to Illinois 7 years ago for her husband to serve as pastor of a church. She enjoys raising her kids in the country and exposing them to a glimpse of the life she had being raised in rural Mississippi. Before homeschooling, she taught as an elementary teacher in the public school system and was a Metro Teacher Honoree. This year, her family has welcomed Viktor, an exchange student from Italy, into their family and it's been a fun learning experience for everyone.

Mrs Elizabeth Adam

Workshops from Mrs Elizabeth Adam ( may vary by event location )

Family Integrated Cleaning

In this session, we will present ideas on how to safely involve the whole family in cleaning your home. You will receive a chore chart with age appropriate jobs for everyone in your home. Plus, you will learn how to eliminate the toxic chemicals in your home.