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Debbie Strobel is a wife, mother of two grown boys, and a woman who is passionate about prayer and teaching other women how to pray more effectively. She knew from an early age that she was called to a ministry to women and prayer, and began leading studies in her college dorm. Debbie has led numerous women's Bible studies in her church and was a Bible Study Fellowship leader for 8 years. In 2011, God led her to the Moms in Prayer International ministry (, where she feels that she truly began to find the tools and resources to learn how to pray effectively for her children. Moms in Prayer is a worldwide community of moms praying for their children and schools in more than 140 countries and all 50 U.S. states. She has been the Arkansas State Coordinator for that ministry since 2011, helping to start and shepherd the current 77 women's prayer groups around Arkansas.

 Debbie Strobel

Workshops from Debbie Strobel ( may vary by event location )

Making an Eternal Difference

Do you know that there are only two things that will last for eternity? One is your soul, but the other might be surprising to you – your prayers! Revelations 5:8 shows us a picture from God’s very own throne room, and what do we find there…our prayers! Every prayer you have ever prayed or will pray is eternally before the throne of God. We can truly make an eternal difference with our prayers! This session will: • discuss the necessity of prayer • show you how to insert your child’s name into a Scripture and pray for them, ensuring you are praying God's will for them • teach you about the 4 Steps of Prayer format because prayer is much more than just asking for things • introduce you to the Moms in Prayer International Ministry. It was started by just one mom asking God for a prayer partner 35 years ago. It is truly amazing what God can do with ONE praying mom! • give you access to numerous prayer tools to help you pray more effectively for your children