Mr Daniel Shaw

Belhaven University

Mr. Shaw currently serves as director of Belhaven University's High Scholars dual enrollment program. He holds a B.A. and M.A. in English from Belhaven University and Middlebury College respectively and has been an adjunct instructor at Belhaven since 2014. He has taught a variety of literature surveys and incorporates his expertise in critical writing into classroom instruction. He spent eleven years in college admission as Belhaven's assistant director and brings a wealth of knowledge regarding admission, financial aid, and dual enrollment. Having been homeschooled himself, he enjoys working closely with homeschool families to help them earn college credits and plan for their future education.

Mr Daniel Shaw

Workshops from Mr Daniel Shaw ( may vary by event location )

Exploring Dual Enrollment and Alternative Credits

What is dual enrollment? How do I prepare my student for college-level learning? How do I know if my student is ready to dual enroll or if it is even the right choice for our family? What subjects lend themselves best to dual enrollment? What courses are important to take from a Christian perspective? How have advancements in technology changed the face of education? Why do 16-18 year olds need a different educational approach from the adult learner? Emphasis will be on helping parents determine what path is best for their student.

Preparing Students for College Writing

This session covers the concepts and skills foundational for success in writing at the college level across disciplines: argumentative writing, dual enrollment and advanced placement, style and tone, vocabulary, paragraph structure, MLA/APA formatting, textual evidence, research, plagiarism, and evaluation and integration of sources.