Mrs Dana Susan Beasley


Dana Susan Beasley, owner of AngelArts, owner of AngelArts, a Creative Arts Agency, Publishing House, and Enrichment Program, works with homeschooling families, teens, and aspiring entrepreneurs who face uncertain futures. Using proven digital and traditional marketing and branding strategies, she helps them plan, start, and launch successful businesses that are optimally matched with their passions, giftings, and God-given callings. With this in hand, they can create their own opportunities and economies and, more significantly, make an impact on the world around them for Christ.

A graphic artist, writer, publisher, and branding/digital marketing strategist, Dana has enjoyed homeschooling her Asperger son for almost nine years. She is the author of several homeschool curriculums, including Your Guidebook to Growing Your Family Economy. She is also the author and publisher of a devotional—31-Day Blessings Journey.

She, her nephew, Nate (who is a homeschool graduate), and his wife recently created the Explorers Creativity LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) Club and ran their first camp last summer. She and her nephew also work on cutting-edge curriculum that features immersive learning.

Education is very important to Dana and she is always learning. In 2016, she earned her certification as a digital marketing professional. For the last several years, she has been helping homeschooling moms and dads start or improve their own businesses, including her husband who is now self-employed as a licensed architect. Passionate about using her company as "Business as Mission" (BAM), Dana considers AngelArts her ministry and desires that her work be a vehicle for God's glory.

Mrs Dana Susan Beasley

Workshops from Mrs Dana Susan Beasley ( may vary by event location )

Cultivating the Entrepreneur Mentality in Your Homeschool

In this world of uncertainty, developing an entrepreneurial mindset is paramount to our success as homeschoolers. Although of course we encourage our children to develop career skills and continue their education, we also must encourage them to use their God-given skills, talents, gifts, and callings to develop something of their own! Does your homeschooler often whine about not using what they learn in real life? Do you see the gifts and talents present in your household and wonder how to combine all of them into something awesome for your family? Mompreneur, author, publisher, and branding expert Dana Susan Beasley of AngelArts will guide you through a roadmap with practical steps you and your students can take that not only will help you with the yesses you have to these questions, but also how to turn those yesses into an entrepreneur mentality in your homeschool!

Immersive Learning: The Lost Art of Play and How It Can Help Your Child Excel

It is often said that, when you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life. It is also said that all work and no play makes life dull! Think about your childhood for a moment. Do you remember playing house? School? Store? Mimicking the jobs adults around you had? All of those were valuable experiences that shaped the person you are today! How many times has a game or that mimicking come back to your mind when you were trying to remember how to do something? The same thing works for your child, especially if he or she has some type of special need. Allowing your child to play develops more skills than sitting still and, while the 3R’s are important, using play to enhance them proves invaluable. Dana Susan Beasley, program director of an enrichment program her company started called Explorers Creativity Club, will discuss how play and immersive learning for all ages are not only fun, but also essential to helping your child excel in academics.