Chris Melendez


Chris has more than 20 years of experience in financial services in both corporate and start-up settings. More importantly, he has been a homeschool dad and husband for 27 years and is on a mission to create a banking philosophy and experience that makes financial management easier for Christian families.

 Chris Melendez

Workshops from Chris Melendez ( may vary by event location )

Equipping the Next Generation to be Wise with Money: A Money Plan for the Whole Family

Whether you realize it or not, financial industry practices may be sabotaging your ability to live in alignment with biblical principles around money. But have no fear! This session will empower you with a practical system to manage your money so you can live a life aligned with your values. There are five numbers you need to know to practice better money habits and fulfill God’s calling for your resources, your family, and your life! In this session we will: • Understand the gap between Biblical wisdom and industry practices • Explore an easy to apply system to manage your own money as well as teach your kids • Practice avoiding many of the cultural and industry practices that derail your best-laid plans