Chris Eppling

Truett-McConnell University

Nashville, TN

Chris Eppling is the Vice President for Student Services at Truett McConnell University. Before coming to Truett, he spent 22 years in student ministry serving local churches throughout the Southeastern US. He teaches classes in Christian Apologetics, Christian Ethics, Logic and Critical Thinking and Student Ministry. He is married and has three children. His beautiful wife, Ginger, homeschools their youngest; Charis. Their oldest, Caleb, graduated from Georgia State University. Their middle son, Daniel, is a sophomore at Truett McConnell University majoring in Education.

 Chris Eppling

Workshops from Chris Eppling ( may vary by event location )

Understanding how valuable Christian Education is

In this session Chris Eppling and Jerry Yandell will help parents see just how valuable christian education, both at home and in college, can be. We will also see some strategies to get the most value as you homeschool your kids!