Bob Sjogren

Cat and Dog Theology/UnveilinGLORY

Bob Sjogren, married to Debby and homeschool father of four adult children, is an international speaker and author. He has spoken to the National Korean Youth Convention, Singaporean National Conference, CMC (Chinese Mission Convention) conferences, SAIACS Graduate School of Theology in India, IMB Retreats in West Africa, CRU Staff in Poland, CRU Collegiate Christmas Retreat, Dallas Theological Seminary along with having spoken at churches across the USA and in multiple other nations. He has also authored multiple books focusing on God's glory and taking the gospel to all nations. Most recently, he has become a featured speaker at several state-run homeschool conventions.

After Bob and Debby's four homeschooled children went off to college, they have teamed up together to create homeschool curricula to help families not miss the big picture of raising children who glorify their Lord. Best known for Cat and Dog Theology, their material is for grades K-12 and already has a strong track-record of completely changing entire families' spiritual DNA! Please prayerfully consider attending what could be a life-changing message or workshop.

 Bob Sjogren

Workshops from Bob Sjogren ( may vary by event location )

The Top Five Life-Lessons Most Homeschool Families Miss

Sometimes we can get so focused on the ABC's and 123's, that we miss the big picture of character development and living for the glory of God. This simple, but powerful and life-changing workshop, will help you rise above the day-to-day existence of homeschooling and help you see the BIG PICTURE of why you do what you do.

The Dangers of the Homeschool Bubble: Helping Your Kids Discover God's Full Will For Their Lives

This eye-opening seminar helps your child see that God's plan for their lives goes beyond their local town, state—and even nation! God has a global plan for their lives. If your child doesn't know this material, they'll never fully know God's will for their lives. Come and see "The Story of the Bible" from Genesis to Revelation and discover how most Christians are only reading half of their Bible. This material has been taught to adults for over 30 years and has a track record of changing lives!

Living to Make God Famous: Helping Elementary Kids Live for God's Glory

We will give a general overview of how to train your children to live to make God famous. They'll be challenged to make God famous in: obeying parents, doing chores, respecting adults, loving siblings, and much more! Brand new crafts, games, cartoons and songs point them in this direction!