Beth Underhill

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Beth Underhill spent nearly 15 years in the workforce, but felt called to stay home with her children soon after her first son was born. She has homeschooled her boys from five years old. As a lover of learning, it was natural for Beth to want to attend a class she was invited to about essential oils. After learning more, she decided to try them for seasonal discomfort. Not only did she find relief for the seasonal issues, but she also found solutions to help her husband with injuries from a prior career in law enforcement. Essential oils have blessed her family so much she felt the need to share with other families and now travels around the country teaching others what she have learned.

 Beth Underhill

Workshops from Beth Underhill ( may vary by event location )

Using Essential Oils to Empower and Support Your Family’s Wellness

As homeschoolers, we cherish being self sufficient and empowered when it comes to our families’ education. Learning to use essential oils to care for our families and ourselves enables us to be just as empowered with our wellness. People have used essential oils since Biblical times to restore, nourish, and care for each other. Come and learn how you can incorporate modern essential oils into a practical, healthy, and natural lifestyle. Essential oils can be used to help focus and calm, enhance moods, support immune systems, care for skin naturally, support all body systems, natural cleaning, for beauty products, and much more. With the wide variety of applications and solutions to life’s daily challenges, you won’t want to miss this information session!