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Teach (and Feed) Them Diligently

Do you ever find yourself at a loss for inspiration about lunches and dinners?  About a year ago, a bunch of us on our Facebook Page started comparing notes and adding lunch ideas in a comment thread.  The result was the fun lunch calendar that I have linked below. Our family has already tried most of the meals listed- and we have not been disappointed yet.

Do you have lunch ideas of your own to add?

We would love to make another list!!  There’s certainly a need for breakfast and dinner-on-the-go options as well!!  SO, let us know your favorite go-to recipes and ideas by making a comment below.  You may well be included in Teach and Feed Them Diligently 2.0!

**If you are asked to pay to download this document, please let me know!  I discovered that SCRIBD was charging for access to older documents, so I re-uploaded the document to try to avoid those charges.  You can leave a comment to request that I email you a copy if you prefer.

Teach (And Feed) Them Diligently

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    Hello! I would like a copy of this. Scribd is asking me to pay $9 to be a member so I can download this.

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    Hi, just tried to print this, but it does require a payment for a one day pass, a monthly subscription, or a yearly subscription. I would like to have it sent to my email at thank you!

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    Could you send this to me at Thanks so much.

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